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DELL Refurbished Latitude E4300 Duo Core,2GB RAM,250GB HDD,13.3 ” – Black


Dell Latitude E4300 13.3 (Intel Core 2Duo,2GB RAM,250GB HDD – Black 

The Dell Latitude E4300 is Dell’s most powerful ultra portable machine released to date.  This 13.3″ notebook is powered by low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processors and boasts an incredible battery life with no compromises in performance.

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Dell Latitude E4300 Specifications:



Intel Core 2 Duo  6MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)

13.3″ LED WXGA LCD Screen

2GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM (upgraded to 4GB)

160GB 7200RPM Western Digital 2.5″

Intel X4500MHD video card

Internal Fixed DVD+/-RW Optical Drive

Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, WWAN Capable

Dell E-Port Docking Station, with Dell Flat Panel Monitor Stand

Dimensions: 12.2″ x 8.6″ x 1.1″

Measured Weight: ~ 3.7lbs

Build and Design
Our first impressions of the Dell latitude E4300 were quite positive.  The notebook itself has a small LCD bezel and a tightly integrated chassis design, so not only is the notebook rather thin it also presents the smallest footprint that is possible for a 13.3″ notebook.  Dell also adopted a much more modern looking design featuring sharp lines and a black finish with the new series.  The back of the LCD housing has a brushed aluminum appearance to it, which adds a nice bit of flair to an otherwise safe professional design.  While the finish is designed to impress, it is a fingerprint magnet.  The black matte finish on the rest of the

The Latitude E4300 also has a wide range of expansion options, available via the docking connector at the bottom.  If you need legacy ports not found on the computer, Dell has a legacy port extender for Latitude notebooks.  The notebook can be docked to one of two different Latitude series docking stations, and each dock supports up to two external monitors.  If the 6-cell battery does not provide enough longevity, a battery slice can also be purchased ($199) that will work in tandem with the standard battery to provide a much longer battery life.  The hard drive can be upgraded easily by removing two screws and pulling the drive out, and by removing the middle access panel on the bottom of the notebook both the RAM and Latitude ON cards can be upgraded.  WiFi cards and WWAN cards can be installed by removing the corner panel as well.

Screen and Speaker
The Dell Latitude E4300 comes with an LED backlit screen with a native resolution of  (WXGA).  The screen resolution is a perfect fit for a 13.3″ notebook, and the panel looks nice when viewing documents, videos, and other content.  The notebook has fifteen distinct levels of screen brightness adjustable by using the Fn+Up or Fn+Down key combinations.  The dimmest screen levels are great for indoor viewing and low light conditions, and it was amazing to see that the screen was quite readable in bright outdoor environments when the screen was set to maximum brightness.



  • Dell Latitude E4300
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 250GB Hard Drive
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13.3″ Screen size





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